Louis Braille Museum

Plaque from the Louis Braille Museum

plaque hangs under a window

The stone house in which Louis Braille was born is now a museum in honor of his life and work. A marble plaque is attached to the outside of the house. The words on the plaque, written in French on the left and English on the right, speak of Louis’ raised dot alphabet that make it possible for people who are blind to read and write.

Dans cette maison
est né
le 4 Janvier 1809
Inventeur de l’ecriture
en points sailiants
pour les aveugles.

Il a ouvert
a tous ceux qui ne voient pas
les portes du savoir.

In this house
on January 4, 1809
was born
The inventor of the system of
writing in raised dots for use
by the blind.

He opened the doors of
knowledge to all those
who cannot see.