Louis Braille’s Birthplace

Coupvray, France

stone house at the edge of town

Louis Braille was born and grew up in Coupvray, France, in the stone house on the left. It is a large, solid house built in the last half of the 18th century. The Brailles also owned several farm buildings which are no longer standing and seven and a half acres of land and vineyards.

Our pictures were taken in the 1990’s. You can see that the road by the Braille’s home was not paved and becomes covered with lush grass as it heads out of town. Though an old bracket on the side of the house remains, it’s empty of signage that once advertised Louis’ father’s business. Another older stone building across the street to the right is stained and looks as if parts are ready to crumble.

See Louis Braille’s Birthplace on Google Maps Street View

In 2009 Google Maps recorded street-level views of Louis Braille’s home town. The Maison Natale de Louis Braille (Louis Braille Birthplace Museum) is clearly marked and visible on Google Maps, both from Satellite View and Street View. The Google images have a fairly sharp focus and look like they were taken on a bright Spring day. As in our picture, geraniums are blooming at the base of the Braille house and in the window boxes next door.

Some things have changed. The road is paved up to the edge of the village. The old iron bracket has been replaced and hung with a sign that says “Maison Louis Braille.” The Braille house shows signs of masonry repair, though the old building across the street has been replaced by parking spaces. Disneyland Paris is a 20 minute drive from Coupvray – did an increase in tourism create a greater need for parking and smooth roads? Or, was the house across the street beyond repair?

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To get to this location on your own, go to http://www.google.com and search for [13 rue Louis Braille, 77700 Coupvray, France], address of the museum housed in Louis Braille’s birthplace. At the top of the page you will probably see an address by a map. Click on either to go to that exact location on Google Maps.