Social Studies

Our commitment to make every aspect of the curriculum fully accessible to a blind or visually impaired child finds full expression in social studies. Creative lessons may include tactile maps and globes, folk songs and dances, languages, models, play acting, costumes, story telling, field trips, guest speakers, Internet research, research in our braille library, and report writing, as appropriate for the student’s age and ability.

Social studies encompasses geography, history, economics, and civics. Students learn about prehistoric times, ancient civilizations, current countries of the world, forms of government, economic development, interactions between people, cultures and countries. Examples of being a good citizen and encouragement of democratic thinking are practiced in all activities of the school.

student admires talking globeStudent Admires Talking Globe

Our special tools that bring social studies to the fingertips include a relief map of the world, a tactile globe that comes apart at the equator to illustrate the earth’s core, a braille world atlas, and a talking globe.