Reading and Writing

Students at the Louis Braille School are introduced to braille at an early age. Those with sufficient vision use large print with the help of magnification tools.

Beginning braille readers learn to write using a Perkins brailler. As their skills grow, they learn to use the slate and stylus as a portable writing tool, and they learn keyboarding and computer skills.

After students become proficient in braille, they learn the shapes of the print letters and numbers. We teach them practical uses for this knowledge such as how to sign their names and how to read raised print numbers in office buildings.

learning about a Perkins braillerLearning About a Perkins Brailler

Virtually anything written in print can be transcribed into braille including novels, textbooks, mathematic and scientific notation, music, computer codes, and more. Children who are blind can become prolific readers, thus setting the stage for a lifetime of reading enjoyment.