Physical Education

Games played with beeping balls, calisthenics, relay races, circle games, folk dancing, tricycles, swinging, outside walks and hikes are but a few of the activities that are readily enjoyed by our students.

PE Balls - Tether balls, basketballs and a lattice ballTether balls, basketballs and a lattice ball

Balls with bells inside, easy-to-catch balls, tether balls, and Seattle Sonics basketballs are but a few of the items in our PE locker.

Students have opportunity to learn terminology and basic rules of major popular sports with the help of table-sized tactile layouts of the playing field and models of the players and equipment. They may learn to bat using a special bat, ball, and tee; to shoot a basket using a low extra-large hoop that beeps when the ball goes through; and to run using a rope hand guide to mark the track.

Through group activities students learn to cooperate with team members and gain a sense of camaraderie. Individual and small group games and exercises introduce recreational and fitness ideas that can be used throughout life.