Creative lessons, unique tools and equipment, games, and practical application of concepts make happy, eager learners in a subject that can be frustrating because of its traditional visual presentation.

Students learn the concepts and applications of math through use of a variety of specialized tools. Manipulatives, puzzles, abacuses, tactile measuring instruments, talking calculators, and three-dimensional objects are some of the tools used at appropriate stages of instruction to bring clarity to the subject.

Intellikeys lessons especially designed for each child’s needs enhance understanding and independence. Using the Nemeth braille code for mathematical notation, students learn to read, write, and solve problems using a Perkins brailler.

Some of the tools for mastering math include shape puzzles, three-dimensional models, abacuses, tactually marked rulers, geo boards, interactive computer programs, and many manipulatives.

Math comes alive as concepts are applied to hypothetical and real-life situations of increasing complexity such as ordering from a menu, making purchases, planning costs of simple school projects, and field trips to nearby establishments.