Intellikeys uses special software and a touch-sensitive panel connected to a computer to interact with the user through speech.

Our staff can design tactile interactive lessons and games to meet the needs of each student. We can create custom educational activities for a near-endless number of subjects including reading, spelling, math, social studies, science, history, and map reading. Intellikeys is especially effective for practice in recognizing braille letters and contractions.

Student Using IntellikeysA self-teaching lesson in shape recognition

A special “overlay” placed on the Intellikeys panel turns it into a simplified computer keyboard that serves as an introduction to computers for students who find the regular keyboard overwhelming.

Using Intellikeys, a student will hear his or her teacher’s voice coming from a computer saying his or her name and giving positive reinforcement as the student works through the lesson.

The raised shapes can be identified by touch. The computer instructs the student to press a particular shape. If he or she finds the correct shape, the computer offers words of praise. If the wrong shape is touched, there is a gentle prompt to try again.

Intellikeys helps develop listening skills, independence, doing things in the right order, and a feeling of success — all while having fun at the computer.