The Arts

At the Louis Braille School, dance, music, theatre, and visual/tactile arts are integrated into all subject areas giving students opportunities to use body, mind, and heart to express the ideas and feelings they encounter in their learning.

Visual/tactile arts help students learn about the shape of the world around them. They learn about form, line and texture as they examine works of art like pottery, sculpture and fiber arts. They create their own three-dimensional artworks using materials such as clay, beads, seeds, and shells. They learn math patterns as they string beads of different shapes in repeating patterns.

Dance is taught as movement to music in PE and as part of the Social Studies curriculum as students learn folk dances from the regions they study. Even simple dance movements contribute to balance, coordination, and rhythm.

Music is part of each school day and may include listening, singing, instrument playing, song writing and the basics of music theory. Students write jingles to help learn math facts; they incorporate singing and instrument playing, and rhythm into theater productions. They experience music of different cultures and learn to identify the sounds of specific instruments styles and composers.

Boy Exploring BanjoBoy Exploring Banjo

Rhythm instruments, a two-manual organ, drums, a violin, guitar, ukulele, flute, trombone, and other instruments are part of our lively music program.