Braille Camp 2009

July 13 – 17 and 20–24
Monday through Friday, 10 am to 2 pm

The Louis Braille School’s 2009 Summer Braille Camp offered a blend of academic and recreational activities.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Parade puppies-in-training made their annual visit on opening day. Children brushed and petted the dogs, walked them on a double lead with a trainer, and learned to give simple commands.

Campers of all ages thoroughly enjoyed singing to the skillful and creative piano accompaniment of volunteer Suzanne Taylor. They had fun with shaving cream, finger painted with paints of different textures, made and played with ooze called gak, and dug for treasure in bins on sand, rice, and beans.

Computers, braillers, the abacuses, and other learning tools were put to use as they brushed up classroom skills.

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