Louis Braille School Student Welcomes K-9 Buddy

Tristan and AnandaSix year old Tristan is particularly excited this holiday time. He and his family recently welcomed Ananda to their home. Tristan has wanted a dog for a long time.

Ananda is a one year old black lab who is part of the K-9 Buddy Program at Guide Dogs for the Blind. This program places dogs as pets with visually impaired children. The dogs come from the Guide Dogs for the Blind but are not qualified to work as guide dogs.

Ananda rode in a puppy van from California to Oregon and then to the Seattle area where she met Tristan. She is a very mellow dog!

It has been only a couple of weeks since Ananda arrived, and everyone is adjusting to the new member of the family. Tristan says that Ananda obeys well but doesn’t play fetch yet.

Ananda has her very own crate with a pink and white striped blanket where she sleeps at night.

One morning Ananda came to school with Tristan for a short visit. When Tristan told Ananda to “heel” she walked politely beside him into the library where she got lots of gentle pats.

Guide Dogs for the Blind has more information about the K-9 Buddy and Community Canines program on its web site, and an article, K9 Buddies for Visually Impaired Youth, is available from the Louis Braille School site.