Introducing Janie

by Janie Kimber

I came to know Carolyn Meyer about nine years ago when the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library referred me to her as someone who might transcribe braille music for me. At once, we knew we would be friends! Carolyn was heading up the Louis Braille Center and I knew right away I wanted to work for her at some point, but we didn’t know just when. The very first day we spoke of the future. You might say our appointment was a divine one. I liked Carolyn’s upbeat yet professional ways. Carolyn and I kept in touch over the years.

This past fall, my husband Raymond and I joined the University Presbyterian Church choir and were thrilled to learn that Carolyn handles the braille transcription of the music and the Sunday order of worship every week without fail. Once again, Carolyn and I began to share. We talked of me joining her team. The timing was right; she had a need for me.

I am just thrilled to be part of the Louis Braille School Team. I hope to assist Carolyn with a book writing project as well as other projects both big and small.

Providing help for others and being involved in the community is where it’s at for me, as I am a people person. I look forward to participating in fundraising and community outreach as well as helping with day to day tasks.

I consider this place of employment not just a job but a place for growth and a place to be rewarded day in and day out because of the nature of the work. Our children are our next generation.

Please call me at 425-778-2484 and introduce yourself. I am eager to get to know all of you.