Book Signing Event: Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius

C. Michael Mellor, authorThe Louis Braille School is pleased to host an event featuring C. Michael Mellor, author of Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius. Published in 2006, A Touch of Genius is a meticulously researched, well-documented biography that includes many illustrations and previously unpublished letters written by Louis Braille.

Mellor will discuss the life and times of Louis Braille as well as his own fascinating research in preparation for writing the book. Books in print and braille will be available for purchase and signing.

“C. Michael Mellor embarked on a biography of Louis Braille when he first saw the letters of Louis Braille on display at l’Insititut National de Jeunes Aveugles, the school in Paris where Louis was a student, teacher, and creator of an embossed code that carries his name.

“As editor of the Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind for eighteen years, Mike has long held a fascination for Braille. His published paper, “Making a Point: The Crusade for a Universal Embossed Code in the United States,” was delivered at the International Conference on “The Blind in History and the History of the Blind,” in Paris, France, where he came upon Louis’s extant letters and decided to translate them for publication.

“Mellor holds an MA in the History of Science from the University of Leeds in England, where he was born. During National Service with the Royal Air Force, he maintained electronic equipment on jet fighters. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he enjoys being an urban farmer.”

Quoted from Author Information for Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius

The event will take place on Saturday, April 5, 2008, from 1 pm to 3 pm at the University Presbyterian Church, 4540 15th Ave. NE, Seattle. For information, contact the school at 425-778-2384 or email Janie.