Blues in the Schools Completes Series at Louis Braille School

James ‘Curley’ Cooke and Annette Taborn came to the Louis Braille School for eight days over a five week period to teach our students about the blues.

The children learned how to play their very own harmonicas, sang along with blues songs, learned how to keep the beat, and thoroughly enjoyed Curley’s and Annette’s renditions of various songs.

The students were always excited about their “blues” days and eagerly looked forward to seeing Curley and Annette. One day we all had a discussion about wearing blue shirts and sweaters on the next Blues day!

This musical series is but one example of the interesting and varied programs the children are exposed to during their school day. We look forward to welcoming back Blues in the Schools as well as other outside presenters and teachers for the extended learning of the children.

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