Winter 2007 Newsletter

Carolyn MeyerFor many months our webmaster, Elizabeth Able, has been diligently and quietly working to create a website that is attractive, accessible, interesting, and functional while complying with generally accepted website standards. Based on comments from readers, she has excelled on all points.

Now that much of the ground work is done, Elizabeth has added two new features for our enjoyment, a blog and a podcast.

We have a Blog

When first approached about a blog, I wasn’t sure I wanted anything on our site with a name like “blog.” Then I learned the derivation of the word: web log. I had been wishing for a way to quickly put interesting items on the site without waiting for the next newsletter. This was it! Our goal is to post a new blog post at least once a week, but we aren’t quite there yet.

Some Recent Blog Posts

  • YMCA – The Spirit of Giving
    Members of the Shoreline YMCA Older Kids Club visited the Louis Braille School. The gift of their time and craft supplies, when combined with the creativity of our students, and produced several lovely holiday wreaths.
  • Friends of School Donate Books
    Many thanks for wonderful new titles that are now part of the Louis Braille School library.
  • A Good Read
    The Blind Doctor: The Jacob Bolotin Story tells the remarkable story of Dr. Bolotin, the man believed to be the world’s first totally blind physician fully licensed to practice medicine.

Our first podcast: KIRO Radio Comes to the School

The podcast happened this month when KIRO Radio came to the school to do a short piece about the holidays. The audio that KIRO aired on December 21 was so delightful we knew it needed to be on our site, and Elizabeth did her magic.

Did I mention that Elizabeth, our webmaster, is my daughter?