Seedlings Braille Books for Children


Seedling Braille Books for Children
P.O. Box 51924
Livonia, MI 48151-5924

For over twenty years, Seedlings, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, has offered high quality, low-cost children’s literature in braille.

Seedlings’ current catalog lists over 770 books ranging from print/braille board books for toddlers to fiction, non-fiction, and poetry braille books for older children.

Some of Seedlings longer books are now available as an “E-Braille Book” (in an electronic format) at the very reasonable price of $10 per book.

The Seedlings catalog also contains unique gift items such as jewelry, playing cards, a braille alphabet placemat, tote bags, mugs, sweatshirts and T-shirts. Each item sports a touch of raised braille.

For fun gift ideas for your favorite braille reader, check out the Seedlings catalog.