What I Hear from My Desk

by Carolyn Meyer

Carolyn MeyerOne of the joys of being director of a school for young children is the opportunity to participate in their many activities, some planned, some spontaneous.

A special planned activity was October’s trip to the Pumpkin and Animal Farm. It was hard to tell the children from the adults as we gobbled like turkeys, played with the baby animals, and selected pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

Carolyn Meyer kneeling to pet a small goat
Visiting a Goat at the Animal Farm

A spontaneous moment happened one day at recess time when a young boy stopped by my office to get the keys that unlock a shed holding the outside toys. He took a detour to inch beside me onto my chair and snuggle close. He admired my red sweater, gave me a big hug, then took the keys and skipped on out.

I don’t go to work each day. I go to school, where the necessary paper work of running an organization is interspersed with laughter, songs, field trips, and hugs. What fun!