The Constant Giving

Outings With Christina

by Christina Ivanna

Christina IvannaDuring this holiday time beginning with Thanksgiving, I sit many a time at my desk and think about all the days in between the “official” holidays that are filled with gifts to our school.

November and December seem to bombard us with ads for special sales, gifts we absolutely need to buy, and all those deals with no interest until some time in the next decade! It seems the word “special” loses some of its meaning.

I return to my thoughts of those constant special gifts that arrive at our doorstep. Wonderful children’s books, checks that come in the mail unexpectedly, famous musicians working with music in the schools volunteering their time with our children, glorious bean bag chairs arriving, unique items offered for our auction in spring, boxes of special educational toys from friends from near and afar, a student’s parent bringing in a special treat for us all, those discounts we occasionally get that really help, the electricians who donated their time and work last Christmas to install some very urgently needed new wiring,

I really enjoyed a recent article in the Parent Map magazine about creating a family spirit of giving. It was their theme for the month of December titled, “The Spirit of Giving.” The illustration artistically and lovingly placed a small hand within the hold of a larger hand on a beautiful and colorful background. It talked about creating a family philanthropy plan, exploring passions through a family foundation, building philanthropy into the everyday, creating age-appropriate lessons for giving, and, my favorite quote from the article, “It’s all about instilling passion at a young age for whatever they find of interest.” What wonderful concepts, and what a variety of ways to tap into the idea of giving.

This idea of constant giving made me think about the idea of constant learning. This is very much in line with our intention for the children here at our school. Each day at the Louis Braille School is filled with many studies along with opportunities to practice skills of daily living. For example, brushing one’s teeth after snacks and lunch is a daily practice.

Learning can happen in so many ways, and often in combination with different activities. I can remember my early school days where music and art were instrumental in my being open to learn. It made learning all the more enjoyable. Instead of struggling with rote memorization, it became pleasant recall.

So I wish you a wonderful holiday time, and thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, for the Louis Braille School.

We will always remember and be grateful, especially the children. These gifts are the ones we stand upon. They are our loving foundation!

Christina Ivanna is the Louis Braille School Outreach and Support Administrator
Phone: 425 778-2384 or email