When Will the School Open?

“When will you move?”

“When will the school open?”

We hear such questions frequently these days. Although it is still somewhat a matter of “hurry up and wait” regarding the remaining inspections required for a new school, we can now make some reasonable predictions.

When will we move? Barring any unexpected surprises, we should receive the City of Edmonds occupancy permit in time to move in by February 15, 2006.

When will the school open? We have tentatively set Monday, April 10, as opening day for the Louis Braille School. This is the first day of spring quarter for the Edmonds School District.

In the meantime, we will be finishing up the remodeling, moving in, and putting our tables, chairs, and special equipment in just the right places. When all is ready we will invite you to join us at the school for refreshments and a tour.