Beth’s Room

Dumpy the Dump Truck, Make Way for Ducklings, James Herriot’s Treasury, Disney Storybook, The World According to Mr. Rogers, Polar Express… these are but a few of the children’s books Beth Rees brailled for us over the years.

Beth began her work as a volunteer braille transcriber for the Louis Braille Center in 1997. While she was always eager to help however she was most needed, her favorite thing to braille was children’s books.

Not only did Beth transcribe the books, but she selected them. She often bought books as gifts for her grandchildren. She purchased the book early and transcribed it into braille for us, sometimes working extra days because the gift-giving event was fast approaching.

Photo of Beth Reese
Beth died December 12, 2005. A special room in her honor is being prepared in the new Louis Braille School. “Beth’s Room” will be a quiet, peaceful haven for students and staff. A bookcase will hold a picture of Beth and the many children’s books she so lovingly transcribed into braille.

The books will also be in the Louis Braille School children’s library.

Beth’s braille transcription of Dumpy the Dump Truck is featured in the National Braille Literacy Month display at the Edmonds Bookshop.