Honors for Jeanne Horsey

Jeanne Horsey receives Louis Braille School Distinguished Service Award

Midway through the live auction, the bidding ceased and guests were treated to a special moment.

David Horsey and Jeanne Horsey
David Horsey Congratulates
his mother, Jeanne Horsey

David Horsey, Seattle PI political cartoonist, joined Carolyn Meyer, Louis Braille School director, at the podium to present the first Louis Braille School Distinguished Service Award to David’s mother, Jeanne Horsey.

Jeanne’s pioneering work began in the 1950s when braille books were not available to blind students attending Seattle public schools. Jeanne believed blind students deserved the same textbooks as sighted students and set about to make this happen. She learned braille, recruited and trained braille transcribers, and founded the Seattle Area Braillists, a group of volunteers dedicated to transcribing braille textbooks. Their work has made a significant difference to students throughout the state.