Introducing Julie LeMay

The Louis Braille School is pleased to introduce Julie LeMay, one of our newest volunteers.

Julie and a tricycle
Julie LeMay and the tricycle she donated to the Louis Braille School

Julie is presently working on a project titled “The Jobs People Do.” This booklet tells the stories of people who are blind or visually impaired with a focus on their work and careers. Each person describes the details of his or her job, what education or training was needed, and any special adaptations required to perform the work. Julie loves to write, and you can read two of her pieces in this newsletter, “French Song Singing” and “Pottery with Becky Bell.” Julie attended part of the summer Braille Camp to gather information for these two stories. Julie is a member of the Christian Women’s Fellowship, Edmonds Christian Church – Disciples of Christ.

Thank you, Julie, for all you do for the Louis Braille School!