Edmonds Lions Read Braille

Members of the Edmonds Lions Club, known for their long history of providing services for people who are blind or visually impaired, ended their January 22 meeting by reading braille. With eyes closed, concentrating deeply, fingers of first-time braille readers ran gently over the words: all ball call fall…

January is National Braille Literacy Month

The program, provided by Carolyn Meyer, Edmonds Lions Club member and Louis Braille School director, was a presentation of materials that promote literacy for those whose eyes cannot read print.

The Lions examined raised line maps, a braille anatomy atlas with raised illustrations, a raised line and braille reference book of scientific and botanical drawings, a nursery rhyme book in print and braille with raised illustrations, and various other braille books.

Lions International

Lions Clubs blue and gold logoLions Clubs throughout the world are dedicated to improving conditions for those who are blind. The Lions’ commitment to the blind began in 1925 when Helen Keller addressed the Lions International convention in Cedar Point, Ohio. She challenged Lions to become “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.”

From that time, Lions Clubs have been actively involved in service to those who are blind or partially sighted. Projects include eyeglass recycling, the White Cane fund drive in May, SightFirst project to battle preventable blindness, partnerships with other sight-related organizations, and numerous projects of local Lions Clubs.

The Lions Club motto “We Serve” is nobly expressed in the Clubs’ eager willingness to be of help.

For more information about Lions International or to find a club near you, see their website at www.lionsclubs.org