Slipping Into Spring

Outings With Christina

by Christina Ivanna

Christina IvannaIt’s still a bit frosty in the morning these days. Oh, but that lovely sunshine beginning about noon! Is spring around the corner?

Spring comes with all its lovely blooms, and new growing things. Our school feels very much like it is in the spring of its life. We are gathering those little paper cups, buying seeds to gently plant, and finding the most suitable spot on that potentially sunny window sill to provide optimum warmth and growth.

It is also time to look at where we want to plant this or that. We are getting the garden ready for some serious planting of larger and more complicated, elaborate fruits and vegetables and flowers.

And, then there are those marvelous very large pots out in the back that housed some really cool string bean plants last year.

The children at the school are going through their seed planting and growing in much the same way. At times it is challenging finding that cup which provides just the perfect environment for that unique seed.

After you make that decision, then you must consider what is the best soil for this future plant. Once these are in place, then you must take note (perhaps even have a notebook somewhere nearby) of each one’s unique needs: water often, water seldom; does better in direct sunlight, prefers shade; or, needs a nice small, cozy pot where roots will tangle and mingle with joy, must have lots of loose dirt and plenty of space to spread out.

You also need to consider your schedule, and willingness, to commit time to this project. All projects require lots of time to get “off the ground” and a willingness to persist while remembering to stay flexible in the face of “seedlings” popping up unexpectedly.

Then there is that underlying chill, that reminder that we are in transition from winter to spring. Spring is in the making, but has yet arrived. We need to prepare, lay the groundwork and then allow the process to unfold.

Christina Ivanna is the Louis Braille School Outreach and Support Administrator
Phone: 425 778-2384 or email

In her spare time Christina loves to dance, play her harp and drums, and work on encaustic art and mixed media projects.