Spring 2007 Newsletter

What I Hear from My Desk

by Carolyn Meyer

Carolyn MeyerAs we enter the last half of the 2006-2007 school year, I note with pleasure the increased proficiency with which our young ones use their white canes.

Mastery in using the cane begins early and is an important step to safety, confidence, and independence. Proper use of a cane will detect a change in terrain, an unexpected branch in the path, or a curb. The cane provides valuable assistance ascending and descending stairs, finding doorways, and getting around in unfamiliar settings.

Every day, at every opportunity, our teachers gently and consistently offer guidance and assistance in the practical art of cane use. The quiet tapping of a cane is music to my ears.

Carolyn Meyer is the Director and Founder of Louis Braille School

Wish List

Traffic Cones

We seek up to about ten traffic cones. We will use the cones to arrange practice courses for teaching our students how to move around independently using their white canes. The cones don’t have to be new. We don’t care what color they are. Do you have an unneeded cone or two taking space in your garage? We will be happy to put them to good use. Thank you.


Come to our first annual benefit auction and bid on a “Hooray for Braille” tote bag filled with a print/braille alphabet place mat, magnetic alphabet letters, and three board books with braille overlays.

tote bag from Seedlings

Donated to by Seedlings Braille Books for Children

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