Outings With Christina

by Christina Ivanna

Christina IvannaLately I have been thinking quite a lot about bridges, and bridge building. It is an amazing thing that happens when individuals meet at that half way point on a bridge and begin a wonderful new connection. Bridges can be very big and long (San Francisco), or tiny, ancient ones (like the one I once crossed in Bruges, Belgium) having held millions of footsteps throughout the centuries. They can be very colorful, or plain and soiled. They can be very well used and seemingly always busy, or they can be quite deserted and seldom crossed. They can be very decorative (Bridges of Madison County, Iowa), or simple but extremely busy (Aurora Bridge, Seattle). All in all, they accomplish their purpose in their unique style, and time – but they always get us over “there” if we are willing to travel across. Kind of like all of us!

I feel a special and valuable bridge building is happening here at the school, a bridge that will make connections way into the future. The most recent example of this is a gift of a lovely acoustic guitar donated to us by Denise Hash and her family. Denise and her husband have two adorable young sons. Carolyn, our school director, and I recently met with them.

As a thank you for the gift of the beautiful instrument, we gave the two boys story books written in print and braille and explained how braille is used by children who are blind. The older son took the book and immediately proceeded to his room to “read” it. There was a magic about this! How wonderful that this young child was learning about other children like him, but who cannot see with their eyes. Perhaps one day when he is older he will come to one of these bridges, and because of his experience at an early age, and because of caring, loving, and kind parents, he will have no fear to approach, and even cross that bridge. What a wonderful memory I will always carry of that young boy’s face as he looked at and touched the braille page. What a grand connection was made!

We will have open houses soon. I look forward to meeting those of you I have not met as yet, and seeing our old friends in the near future. And, thank you all for your interest and support.

Christina Ivanna is the Louis Braille School Outreach and Support Administrator
Phone: 425 778-2384 or email

I am sending out a request for an auctioneer who is willing to donate his or her time on February 17, 2007 (5 to 9 pm) for our first annual gala auction (silent and live bidding) that will be held at the Edmonds Conference Center in downtown Edmonds.