Clay Play

by Julie LeMay

Julie LeMayEdmonds ceramic artist, Michael Tanis, was on hand the last week of summer camp to guide the children in making a “fail-proof” pot. He brought along some very basic round pots, in which the children could place a round flat slab of clay and press it down around the bowl, creating a lip at the top. Taking a piece of clay and rolling it into a snake shape, then creating a circle, the children placed that on the bottom of the pot as an attractive finishing touch.

Some of the children chose to use their slabs of clay to make hand prints, which, through the years, has been a wonderful keepsake for parents.

I watched as one of the girls created a pot from start to finish. It was a joy to watch how thoroughly engrossed she was as her little fingers were busy molding, shaping and smoothing her bowl. She did a good job of working the base and shaping it for placement on the bottom. A job well done, and one in which to take great pride!

While the cleanup was in progress, the children gathered in a circle and discussed how clay is obtained and the various objects that could be made from this much abundant product.

Julie LeMay is a Louis Braille School volunteer