Gifts from the Heart

We thank our Fall 2006 donors for their faithful and generous support.

Funds to help meet expenses:

  • Idamae Schack
  • Mylo and Marian Charlston
  • Tech Adapt /Sharon von See
  • Judy and Mike Hardman
  • Zora Rockney
  • Vevette Cooperstein
  • Hy Cohen

In-Kind donations:

Upper Edmonds Book and Cake Society

Three great books – The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, and There’s a Cow on the Road – to read to our young ones who love rhymes, silly stories, and animal sounds. Expect to hear lots of giggles and mooing.

South King Council of the Blind

Two wonderful talking US puzzles. When a state is placed in its proper place in the puzzle, it speaks, for example, “Washington: capital, Olympia.”

Jeanne Horsey

Beautifully crafted wooden claves and castanets for our music room.

Marty Milligan

A real banjo! We are thinking of learning to play it.
Jeanne and Marty are charter members of Seattle Area Braillists, a group of volunteer braille transcribers who brailled textbooks for the public schools, thus making education in a neighborhood school a viable option.

boy leaning over banjo

Washington Council of the Blind

Funds to purchase a new computer and special software that makes it accessible to a person who is blind.

Marlaina Leiberg

A braille embosser she no longer needed. The embosser, when attached to a computer on which a braille software program is installed, will produce raised braille.

Sylvie Kashdan and Robby Barnes

Braille books, print/braille books, and many wonderful ideas. Sylvie and Robby are with Kaizen, a non-profit that teaches braille to people whose native language is not English.

Diane Lahti

A flute for our music room. What a wonderful use for an old high school band instrument.

Eastside Trains, Inc

A train sound set consisting of speakers and a hand-held remote control. By pushing buttons on the remote, we can listen to authentic train sounds.

Janell Peterson

Children’s braille books and magazines for our library. Janell is helping us build the kind of library she wished for when she was a child.