Out and About

Exploring beautiful Edmonds, Washington

The Wishing Stone

The Wishing Stone, a shop offering minerals, fossils, shells, and jewelry, was host for the Louis Braille School’s first field trip of the year. Shop owner Janet Gengnagel graciously allowed the children to touch many of the interesting stones and shells, and even showed them the stone polishing machine. She gave each child a special seashell to take home. The Wishing Stone is located at 317 Main in downtown Edmonds.

Edmonds Flower Shop

When Louis Braille students visited the Edmonds Flower Shop, owner Wilma Geertgens introduced them to a wonderful potpourri of scents and textures. The children touched and smelled a variety of flowers, and each child left with a lovely bouquet to take home. The Edmonds Flower Shop is located at 401 Main in downtown Edmonds.

Edmonds Parks

On nice days, students head for a park for recess. Edmonds City Park, with its swings, slides, and jungle gyms, is a favorite.

student enjoyings the swings