Fall 2006 Newsletter

Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

In each child we meet, we see tremendous promise. No matter what obstacles a child may face, we see his or her innate capacities for surmounting them.

Our approach is holistic. We seek to discover the strengths and needs of each child who comes before us, and we design an individualized program that will best guide the child to reach his or her highest potential.

Teacher Andre Middleton works with student

Teacher Mr. Middleton and Student

The Louis Braille School provides a complete academic program – reading and writing, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, computer skills, health and physical education – presented in ways readily understood by the students. Daily living skills that promote independence and social pose are integrated into every activity throughout the day.

Although the school’s focus is visual impairment, some of our children will have additional challenges. We gladly consider for enrollment any child, no matter what his or her obstacles may be. The Louis Braille School relies on student tuitions to meet operating expenses and to pay salaries for our exceptional staff. We will never deny a child because of a family’s inability to pay. Thus we will soon launch our first annual Tuition Assistance Fund Drive.

We need your help to build a well-funded Tuition Assistance Fund. Together we can have a far-reaching affect on the lives of young children.

The purpose of education for our children is the same as it is for all children. It is to learn to live and love, to lead full and joyful lives, and ultimately to use one’s education and talent in the service of others.