Louis Braille School’s Online Rebirth has Begun

We’ve started making gradual changes to louisbrailleschool.org, so I thought I’d put together a little blog post to give subscribers and Facebook followers a heads-up.

Helpful Scheming

After the brick and mortar Louis Braille School closed, I worked with Carolyn Meyer, the school’s founder, to create a new site for her braille transcription business and a new focus for the Louis Braille School site. I’m Carolyn’s daughter, Elizabeth Able. I do web design and content development strategy. I’ve been squirreling away copies of Mom’s publications and backups of her web sites since the late 1990’s, because I knew that one day there would be the time and the need to gather it all together and re-imagine what could happen next.

My first goal was to publish a new web site for Carolyn’s Braille Services. Have you seen it? Her blog is off to a great start. Next, we began to lay the groundwork for a Louis Braille School Online Resource Center, right here.

Re-worked Content

One of the pages about Coupvray, Louis Braille’s birthplace, is now expanded to include more descriptive text and an on-the-ground view via Google Street View. This is the first of many additions and improvements.

Here Comes Perkins the Braille Dog

This Fall the new mascot, Perkins the Braille Dog, got a place of honor in the Louis Braille School website header. Perkins will be a friendly four-legged tour guide through a series of simple braille lessons and FAQ. The idea is that the voice of Perkins could be like Dear Abby, but for topics that relate to braille, Louis Braille and braille users. Perkins will be the voice of louisbrailleschool.org, though once in a while one of us tall, two-legged types will want to check in.

We have lots of ideas for adding educational resources here, but I’ve already said all I will about ideas right now! I don’t want to spoil the fun by talking about it too much before the work is done.

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