An Unforgettable Experience

You’ll be entertained in unforgettable and unusual ways at the Louis Braille School Benefit Auction on Saturday afternoon, March 21st, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, in the South County Senior Center along the waterfront in downtown Edmonds at 220 Railroad Avenue.

The SeaSharps, one of Seattle’s finest barbershop quartets, will sing tight harmonies and beautiful melodies that appeal to all ages.

We’re bringing a hand-cranked ice cream maker to the auction for you to take a turn at creating a fresh dessert and eating it.

Puppies in training for Guide Dogs for the Blind will put on a demonstration. Pet them and watch how they begin to get a foundation as working dogs.

Inhale the fragrance of tomatoes, olive oil, and pizza crust topped with delicacies, both of the meat and vegetarian kinds, from Pagliacci Pizza. And try what many top food critics consider America’s finest gourmet sodas, supplied by the Dry Soda Company in downtown Seattle, made from the finest natural fruits, herbs, and flowers.

Enjoy all the activities while supporting the work of the Louis Braille School. It’s a wonderful arrangement when your money goes to the education of blind and partially sighted children while you can purchase a gift or practical item for yourself or a loved one.

With your chance to obtain something you want or need at a better-than-usual price, our auction items are especially attractive in the current economy.

If you’d like to get away for a trip, we have lodgings at the Inn at Cannon Beach (Oregon), weekend admission and camping passes for the Darrington Bluegrass Festival (in July), and a ride on the Chehalis Steam Engine Train.

Restaurant gift certificates for American, Greek, Japanese, French, health food, Thai, and other cuisines.

Premium compost and mulch, delivered to your home. Those aren’t the only delivery opportunities. How about hormone-free, home-delivered milk, cheese, and eggs?

Artworks. Cultural events. Clothing. Beauty and body care products. Jams and jellies. Husky football tickets. And a ride on an Edmonds fire truck.

Join us. You won’t forget the entertainment, you’ll help make homemade ice cream, pet puppies, and take home something you’re happy with. And you’ll know you’re supporting good, important work that makes a difference in the lives of blind and partially sighted kids.

Visit Auction Donations Online to preview items available for bidding. Questions? Call Eric 425 778-2384.

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