“Seeing by Touching” Exhibit at Library

The Louis Braille School invites you to stop by the Edmonds Public Library during the month of January, which is National Braille Literacy Month. Visit the main lobby display case to see our exhibit.

You will learn about Louis Braille, the Frenchman who invented the raised dot system of reading and writing. January is his birth month. A slate and stylus, the primary means of writing braille during Louis’ time, are there for you to view along with a brailler and a chart of the braille alphabet and numbers.

Several tactile items are on exhibit including three pictures created especially for our school by the Seattle Area Delta Gamma Alumnae Group, a talking puzzle of the United States, a braille watch, a ruler, a measuring tape, and a popular children’s book in braille and print.

Beautiful tactile flags of the United States, Canada, and Mexico made by volunteers are proudly hanging for all to see. There is a talking world globe which is particularly popular at Louis Braille School summer braille camps.

The Edmonds Public Library is located at 605 Main Street, Edmonds, WA 98020. Visit the library website at http://www.sno-isle.org/or call 425-771-1933 for more information or directions.

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