Painting Alligators

When Louis Braille School students and staff received an invitation from Rosewood Courte marketing director, Sylvana Rinehart, to visit for an afternoon of crafts, the unanimous response was, “Yes, let’s do it!”

Rosewood Courte, a short walk from the Louis Braille School, is a residential facility for people with Alzheimer’s and related disorders. Our first visit to this warm, friendly community was last year when students and residents enjoyed a songfest accompanied by Ginny Burger on her harp.

This time the activity was painting wooden alligators — eight-inch-long articulated wooden alligators whose bodies move back and forth.

Working in teams, and guided by program director Karen Davis, each student was paired with a resident who assisted with the painting project. Paint of yellow, green, blue and red found its way from pot, to brush, to alligator, producing creatures that would surely take first place in any alligator fashion show.

Although the alligators were great fun and a unique treat, the highlights for all ages were the warm conversations and gentle sharing.

The visit ended with an invitation to return each month for another activity. Again, we said, “Let’s do it!”

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