Learning Braille: It’s Easier Than You Think

Are you a sighted person looking for a quick and enjoyable way to learn uncontracted (grade 1) braille?

Over the years we have received many requests for such a method from family members, friends, and other sighted perple involved with a blind child. The result is Learning Braille: It’s Easier Than You Think

Learning Braille is a workbook-style primer covering the braille alphabet, basic punctuation, numbers, and a brief introduction to contractions. The 35-page book, suitable for ages 8 and up, includes illustrations, charts, practice exercises, and a crossword puzzle. The only equipment you need is a pencil.

Publication of the book is supported by a grant from the Muchleshoot Indian Tribe. The book cover depicts the Muckleshoot logo on the right and the Louis Braille School mascot, a bald eagle, on the left, signifying the partnership involved in producing this book.

Learning Braille may be purchased for $15.00. The price includes shipping and handling; Washington State residents add $1.43 sales tax.

Use our contact form to ask how to order.

We think you will agree that learning braille is, indeed, easier than you think.

One thought on “Learning Braille: It’s Easier Than You Think

  1. Learning brallie was kinda hard but funn and easy (P.S i am not a blind person but i liked trying brallie and aslo this comment is not trying to be rude to the blind