The Blues Can Make You Happy

Curley Cooke and Annette Tayborn of Blues in the Schools returned to the Louis Braille School for a rousing, interactive performance. Curley sang and played his guitar. Annette backed him up with vocals and her blues-harmonica.

Joining Louis Braille School students for the performance was Ms.Hogue’s second-grade class from Maplewood Elementary School in Edmonds

Curley talked to the children about harmony. He asked the students what harmony meant to them, and they gave answers such as “not fighting, living in peace, and getting along.” Curley then related these fine definitions of harmony to music. He played the guitar and, using the strings, gave samples of both harmonious and dissonant sounds.

Curley and Annette also taught what they called “sing and response.” This is where Annette would sing and the children would then sing back the same words. One song the children particularly enjoyed was “Moon Don’t Go.”

The children enjoyed learning that they, too, could easily write blues songs. Curley explained that song writing is easy for almost anyone and encouraged them make up words while he played his guitar.

The foot-stamping, clapping, rousing performance ended with a request from the audience for “Hound Dog,” a song made popular in the 1950s by Elvis Presley. That brought the house down!!

Truly it was a day for all to remember. The blues can make you happy.

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