Hop To It

Staff and teachers have noticed how eagerly Louis Braille School students volunteer to participate in an event or activity that helps other members of our community. For example, last December they collected food for the hungry in front of a nearby supermarket and subsequently delivered the donations to a local food bank.

Their inspiring efforts made the news on Seattle’s KING-5 and KOMO-4 television stations, and their pictures were published in the Seattle Times newspaper.

Last week, they raised money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association during Disability Awareness Week by taking part in a Hop-A-Thon.

Here’s how the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) described the event in their guidelines:

“To raise money for neuromuscular diseases, you and the children in your class will hop during a two-minute time period. We ask that you contact friends, relatives and co-workers and ask them to support you by making a flat donation or pledge for each hop to MDA.”

Before the Hop-A-Thon began at Louis Braille School, teacher Beckie prepared the students. “We talked about disabilities all week long,” she said, “and about helping children with disabilities.”

She also suggested the students hop on a small trampoline donated to the school last year.

Boy hopping on the trampoline

The students were enthusiastic about that idea. Two of them had never been on a trampoline before.

Asked if hopping on the trampoline was hard work or fun, one student said, “It was hard work and fun!”

After telling us he had gone pretty high on the trampoline, that same student was asked if he brought back any clouds with him. “No,” he said, “because I don’t want it to rain down here.”

Boy hopping on the trampoline

Students averaged about 100 hops each.

“The students have done well,” teacher Beckie said. “They’ve raised money for the MDA, which will send kids to camp, kids who normally wouldn’t get to go. It also helps buy wheelchairs and leg braces, so we are helping other children that need help.”

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