Collecting for the Food Bank

Continuing a tradition started last year, Louis Braille School students braved cold weather and went to a nearby QFC grocery store to collect food for the Edmonds Food Bank.

Food Bank 09 Alex

Students and staff divided into two teams and, armed with flyers, big smiles, and polite voices, greeted customers at the two main doors of the store. They returned to school an hour later with many bags and boxes of non-perishable items. Some people chose to donate cash to be given to the Food Bank along with the food.

Later in the day, a lady who was shopping at QFC when our students were there stopped by the school with further donations. Recently diagnosed with diabetes, she removed from her shelves all of the non-perishable items she can no longer eat and brought them to us.

The children will again be at the Edmonds QFC store November 25, December 2, and December 9, from 12:30 to 1:30 each day, to collect more food.

And what do our students think about braving the cold to collect food for others? Here are a couple of quotes:

“That was really fun. I want to do it another time.”

“I like doing community service. I just really like helping people wherever I am.”

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