A Two-Fer Halloween

Years ago, I had an adult friend who dressed up as an early American patriot for Halloween. He wore a three-cornered hat and calf length stockings of the sort popular during the time of the Revolutionary War.

My friend became instantly enamored of his costume, so much so that he continued to wear it after Halloween. He even wore it to his workplace. His employer, a large insurance firm staffed with managers who were straightlaced in thought and garb, demanded he confine his “fantasy” to evenings and weekends. When he refused, he was let go.

I thought of my friend this past Halloween when Ethan, a Louis Braille School student, dressed as a pirate on October 30th, the day we celebrated Halloween early because one of the students would be absent on the 31st.

Ethan so much enjoyed the chance to try something different that he came in with another head piece the next day. His “hair” was brilliant and silver in color. Everyone agreed it suited his lively and often sparkling personality. He wore his new locks throughout the school day and was very pleased, especially while practicing his writing or using the computer.

Ethan with silver hair.jpg

We didn’t mind at all that Ethan pursued his fantasy two days in a row. He did his work and was happy, and that made us happy. If the day after Halloween hadn’t been a Saturday, who knows, maybe Ethan would have celebrated Halloween three days in a row.

That would have been okay, too.

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