A Silver Medal

silver medal

Louis Braille students were excited to welcome a special guest to their classroom. Dana Zimmerman, uncle of one of the students, was a silver medal winner at the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney, Australia.

The morning social studies class focused on Australia. Students located the country on a tactile globe. Dana talked about his experiences there and showed the children the Australian flags and various-sized boomerangs he brought home with him.

Conversation then turned to the Paralympics. Dana shared many souvenirs of the event, including a letter from President Clinton, pictures, pins that the athletes exchanged with one another, and, of course, the Silver Medal.

In the afternoon, Dana, a teacher and a specialist in adapting PE activities for children with challenges, led the students in some fun games involving a parachute, balloons, and much laughter.

We eagerly look forward to another day with Dana the next time he visits Washington.

(In the picture above: front, Australian flag; l to r: 3rd person is wearing the silver medal, 4th person is holding a small boomerang, 5th is Dana, 6th is holding a larger boomerang.)

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