A Brailler for Brett

“I’m very excited,” ten-year-old Brett Wheeler exclaimed as he arrived at the Edmonds Lions Club August 17 board meeting.

Brett, blind from birth, was excited because he was about to receive a brand new Perkins brailler, a gift from the Edmonds Lions Club.

Edmonds Lion Red Bingham, who handled the considerable paper work and phone calls it took to fund and obtain the brailler, made the presentation. With Red’s skillful coaching, Brett had to open a big box and remove the packing material before his brailler was finally revealed.


Along with his mother, Jennifer, and his sister, Lyndsey, Brett moved to Edmonds in December of 2008 so he could attend the Louis Braille School. Now in the fifth grade at the Louis Braille School, Brett is happy to have his own brailler so he can practice at home and sharpen his skills. The brailler will serve him well for many years.

The Perkins brailler, sometimes called a “braille typewriter,” is a simple manual machine used to write braille. The brailler has a key corresponding to each of the six dots of the braille code. By simultaneously pressing different combinations of the six keys, users can create any of the characters in the braille code.


Eager to try out his new brailler, Brett brailled the alphabet while the Lions cheered him on.

When asked if he would like to say anything to the Club, Brett replied with heartfelt appreciation, “Thank you for my brailler. I love you, Lions Club.”

Lions Club president Bobby Mills replied “The Lions’ motto is ‘We Serve.’ This is what it is all about.”

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