Annual Drive 2010-2011

The Louis Braille School Annual Drive is a tax-deductible opportunity to contribute to the unique work of the School.

Funding for the Louis Braille School is provided primarily from three sources:

student tuition
fundraising events and grants
donations from individuals

Individual donations are the single most important source of support for the School.

Learning to tell time using a tactile clock with braille and print markings

Learning to tell time using a tactile clock with braille and print markings

As a private school, we do not receive funds from the state. Thus, we must depend upon the generosity of individual donors for the major portion of our support.

We do not deny enrollment to a child whose family is unable to pay the tuition.

Our goal, with your help, is to make the Louis Braille School available, accessible, and affordable to all who seek its unique services.

Every student at the Louis Braille School directly benefits from your gift.

Your donation will help:

Provide tuition assistance
Provide instructional materials
Maintain and expand the school programs
Provide a skilled professional staff
Benefit you with a tax deduction for making a charitable gift

The children and staff at the Louis Braille School thank you for your donation.

P.S. Our purpose is to provide children with special needs the opportunity to acquire literacy and life skills in a community-based program, thus enabling them to live full and meaningful lives at home, at school, and in the community.