Visiting the Kiwanis Club

On January 12, 2010, Louis Braille student Brett and I skipped school for an hour to talk to the Kiwanis Club of Edmonds. We asked Jennifer, his mother, to help us out.

In preparing for our visit, I asked Brett what he liked best about the school that he would like to share. He said, “Everything.”

As we talked a little more, Brett spoke of four things he especially wanted his audience to know about: the Talking Typer software that is teaching him to use the keyboard, the abacus he uses for math, a braille book he learned to read, and a covered wagon model he helped make during our Oregon Trail unit. He took the abacus, book, and covered wagon with him to show.

It was fun to talk through a microphone. It was even more exciting to hear Kiwanians applaud when they learned Brett has read ten braille books so far this school year.

Jennifer shared a special story about her son. Several years ago, Brett, who has never seen, was asked about the special things his mother does to let him know she loves him

Brett said, “I can hear it in her smile.”

We thank the Kiwanis Club of Edmonds for its continued interest in and support of the school. We are proud to have you as partners as we provide a unique education for our very special students.

Kiwanis 01.09.2010 Louis Braille School student Brett gets a big hug from Kiwanis Club of Edmonds president Mary Lou Kantor. Brett, with help from his mother Jennifer (far right) and school director Carolyn (center back) made a presentation to the Kiwanis Club in January of 2010.