Alan and His Accordion

Alan playing his accordionWe first met Alan Bridgeford when he was a little boy in primary school. He was a member of the Louis Braille Center’s Second Saturday Club, where children with vision impairments and their families enjoyed social, recreational, and academic pursuits.

Alan loved to sing. He seemed to know every word of every verse of every song we sang, and his voice rang strong and true.

Alan, now a fine, young man of seventeen, still loves to sing. What a treat it was when he came into our classroom last week for an hour of music. Not only did he sing, but he accompanied himself on his big, red accordion, to the delight of everyone present.

A versatile musician, Alan’s repertoire ranged from the Alphabet Song to Christmas Carols, to Yankee Doodle, with lots of songs in between. We couldn’t resist dancing when he surprised us with a polka.

As a final treat, those interested were invited to feel his accordion. Thank you, Alan. We hope you come back soon.