Boxtops and Labels for Education

Are You Throwing Away Dimes that Could Go to the Louis Braille School?

Probably. You wouldn’t be alone. Lots of people are doing it.

We want to help you stop tossing money into the trash. Give it to the Louis Braille School instead. It won’t cost you a cent.


Box Tops for Education

logo of General Mills Box Tops for Education

Participate in the program called Box Tops for Education. Since 1996, Box Tops for Education has given more than $250 million to schools across the country.

Here’s how it works: General Mills prints box top coupons on a variety of their food items and kitchen-related products, including certain cereals, frozen foods, snacks, storage bags and paper products.

The Louis Braille School sends the clipped coupons to a Box Tops for Education processing agency and receives 10 cents for each one.

All you have to do is clip the coupons and send them to the Louis Braille School. (The coupons come in different sizes, but most are smaller than a single square inch in size.)

It’s such a simple and easy way to help the Louis Braille School acquire funds that go to support the education of children who are blind, partially sighted, or have other challenges.

Labels for Education

logo of Campbell's Soup labels for Education

A similar program, started by the Campbell’s Soup Company, is Labels for Education. Redeemed labels, the bar code must be included, earn points instead of cash. Points are then applied to the purchase of useful educational items from a catalog.

Clipping coupons and removing labels doesn’t take much time, and you can send them to the school from anywhere in the country.

It sure beats throwing those sleeping dimes and labels into the landfill.

Contact us for more information about Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education. We’ll point you to a list of products bearing the box top coupons and the labels which qualify for the program, and answer any other questions you may have.

If you already know about the programs, and have some box tops or labels to send us, mail them to:

Louis Braille School
10130 Edmonds Way
Edmonds, WA 98020