Guide Dog Visits Children’s Museum

On January 12, 2008, Louis Braille School staff members Carolyn, Christina, Janie, and guide dog Tammy participated in the “Touch to See” program at Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, Washington.

Janie read a short story about Sarah and her guide dog Perry. It was exciting for the children, for some had never seen or felt the touch of braille. A child asked,”How will Janie read when she can’t see?” Many of the children had no idea. The book was passed around for them all to literally see and feel, for the book not only had braille but also was filled with colorful pictures for them to enjoy! It really was a touching experience for everyone.

Janie then gave a short example of obedience with Tammy and answered questions. She demonstrated one of the ways Tammy helps her by saying, “Tammy, find the door.” Tammy immediately led Janie to the door leading out of the room.

Carolyn and Christina showed museum visitors how to write their names in braille on a braille writer. It was good to hear the sound of the braille writers as the children busily worked away. They also explored a talking calculator and a talking watch. These experiences helped the children to better understand what a blind person truly experiences.

The Louis Braille School provided sheets of real braille for the children to finger paint on. Finger painting is something they love to do, but on top of braille . . .  Wow! How good is that!

This truly was an enlightening event for all. Whether we are blind or sighted, touching, seeing, believing, and living is what it is all about.

The Imagine Children’s Museum is quite an adventure. You just never know what you will encounter. It is an exciting outlet for the children and keeps them greatly occupied with all sorts of educational and creative activities!

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