KIRO Radio Comes to the School

Carolyn MeyerOn December 12, 2007, KIRO Radio reporter Heather Bosch arrived at the Louis Braille School. She came to do a holiday story about children who are blind or visually impaired and how they experience Christmas.

Heather began her interview with staff member Janie Kimber and her guide dog Tammy. Janie shared childhood Christmas memories. She eloquently explained that she doesn’t miss out because she can’t see with her eyes, that she can see in other ways; she can smell things, she can hear things, she can feel things, and she can see with her spirit.

Heather then turned her attention to the students and found them making Christmas gifts for their parents. The children were intrigued with her big microphone. When they learned she was from a radio station, a young boy exclaimed, “I love the radio!”

The piece aired December 21 on KIRO’s morning and evening newscasts and is currently a podcast on the radio station’s website,, as well as at the end of this post.

710 KIRO Radio, an affiliate of CBS Radio News, is based in Seattle, Washington. It is heard around the world via its network satellite facility and internet audio streaming capability.

Click to listen to “Seeing Christmas”
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