Outdoor Orientation and Mobility

Carolyn MeyerWe are taking advantage of the lovely fall days for outside O&M (Orientation and Mobility) practice. O&M includes the art of getting around efficiently, safely, and independently using a white cane.Students participate in regular one-on-one sessions in a public area where they learn to listen carefully to the surroundings and to distinguish with their canes features such as curbs, steps, and cracks.

In addition, we use traffic cones and rope to set up “obstacle courses” in the play area behind the school. The course changes from day to day.

Another helpful tool is a portable battery-powered “beeper box.” This box emits a steady beeping sound. The student navigates toward the direction of the sound, thus honing his sense of hearing and direction.

Carolyn Meyer is the Director and Founder of Louis Braille School